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How to Check Aadhaar card enrollment status

UIDAI is a Unique Identification Authority of India which is a Statutory authority that is responsible for providing unique identification number to every individual resident of India. The Unique Identification number (UID) known as “Aadhaar” is given to every citizen of India. 

UID basic advantages are to (a) Robust enough to eliminate fake and fraud identification number and (b) can be authenticated in a very simple and easy way out, in a cost effective way. The Aadhar card should be there with every individual as per the Aadhar Act 2016. Till now,  107 Aadhaar card  have already issued for the residents of India. 

Now listening and thinking about the advantages is quite easy but applying and checking the status is pretty difficult. So today we’ll discuss few ways to check the enrollment and card status for you. Hope it helps:-

Check Aadhaar card status online:-

Step 1 - Log on to the UIDAI website to check your enrollment status. 

Step 2 - Now enter your enrollment ID in the box given on the page.

Step 3 - Enter the date and time of enrollment in the box given below. The date and time would be given on the slip given to you on the enrollment day only. 

Step 4 - Once you have filled in the information, type the captcha provided and click on “Check status”. 

Step 5 - The website will redirect the page telling you your cards enrollment status. 

Check Aadhaar card status through Mobile phone/SMS

Step 1 - Type UID STATUS <Enrollment number> and send it to 51969

Step 2 - Soon you’ll receive a message saying either “your Aadhaar card is successfully generated and will be delivered soon” or, “Your Aadhaar card is under process”


If your Aadhaar card is still under process you can call up the respective office and confirm the query. Honestly, Aadhaar card generally takes up to 90 days to generate after enrollment.

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